The writings of  Richard Kluger

Beethoven’s Tenth

Advance Praise


“I must admit that Richard Kluger’s enterprise sounded a bit preposterous to me, but the way he handles all the musicological objections is very deft. He has certainly done his homework, musically speaking – the information Kluger dishes out about Beethoven himself rings true; nary a false note here. His writing is compelling to read, and it’s a lot of fun to be swept along by his smart and savvy characters.”

  – Benjamin Simon, Music Director, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra


“A wonderful mystery…Kluger succeeds admirably in both making the possibility of a tenth Beethoven symphony seem probable and undermining it throughout the authentication process undertaken by those planning to profit from it. A true tour de force—readable, clever, erudite, and with a tantalizing ending.”

  – Robert P. Morgan, Professor Emeritus of Music, Yale University, and author of Twentieth-Century Music: A History of Musical Style in Modern Europe and America



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