The writings of  Richard Kluger

Royal Poinciana

[written under the pen name Thea Coy Douglass]

The Critical Response


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “A poignant, engrossing novel…heart-wrenching and memorable.”


KIRKUS REVIEWS: “An energetic, fun-loving, turn-of-the century romance…. Thea Coy Douglass writes a period piece at once high-spirited and genuinely romantic. A rare – and hence successful – combination.”


[Notwithstanding the two highly favorable pre-publication reviews quoted just above, Royal Poinciana received virtually no attention in the regular reviewing media. Probably the combination of the authors’ use of an unrecognized pseudonym and the feeble promotional efforts by a second-string publisher contributed to this unhappy outcome. Still, the novel sold out its first printing and did have a paperback publication two years later.]


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